For answers to general questions about Christian Science, including “What is Christian Science?”, and “What about Jesus?”, please refer to the FAQ page of The Mother Church: christianscience.com/what-is-christian-science.

Here are some answers for questions you might have regarding this local branch church:

Q: What are the services like?

A: Our one-hour Sunday service is peaceful and positive. It primarily consists of readings from the Bible (King James Version) and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This Bible Lesson-Sermon is the same as that read in Christian Science churches throughout the world. The text is published in the Christian Science Quarterly and can be read prior to the service.

On Sunday, two readers (elected on a rotating basis from within the membership) read the lesson sermon. This service also includes three hymns and a solo as well as prelude and postlude organ music.

On Wednesday, a reader chooses related selections from the Bible and Science and Health on a timely topic such as the economy. Afterwards, attendees share experiences and testimonies of healing based on the practice of Christian Science.

Q: Is childcare provided?

A: Yes, at both Sunday and Wednesday services.

Q: It appears that I can learn all about Spirituality and Christian Science online. Why should I go to a church service?

A: Here’s an analogy…If you could learn everything you needed to know about knitting online and even join an online knitting discussion forum, why would you want to go to a knitting club meeting?

Do you still have questions? You may email us at csnashua@gmail.com

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