Welcome to Our Healing Church

Feel free to browse our website for information about Christian Science and this branch church, one of the worldwide branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.

Whether you are simply curious, a newcomer to Christian Science or have been relying on Christian Science for healing and guidance for years, we hope you will find useful information and resources on our website.

How would you define Christian Science?

As the law of God, the law of good, interpreting and demonstrating the divine Principle and rule of universal harmony.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science

About our religionWhat is Christian Science?

Christian Science is a religion based upon love – love for God and man.

In 1879, Mary Baker Eddy founded the Church of Christ, Scientist “to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.” (Manual of The Mother Church, pg 17) This healing is the direct result of an increased understanding of our special relationship to our Father, Mother, God, and an awareness of His unconditional love.

Christian Science was introduced into Nashua about the year 1884 and in 1887 Nashua’s first practitioner was listed in The Christian Science Journal.

Christian Science practitioners are spiritually experienced men and women who are available to pray with anyone seeking spiritual help. These practitioners will also answer questions about Christian Science.

For those needing physical assistance while working towards spiritual healing, Christian Science nurses offer skilled care and practical help.

Today, people in at least 80 countries around the world have been comforted or found healing through Christian Science.

Church ServicesEveryone is Welcome! 

Our church building will be closed until further notice. However, we are holding online services. Please contact us at csnashua@gmail.com if you would like to join our services.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday Service: 10:30 am

Our one-hour Sunday service is primarily consists of readings from the Bible (King James Version) and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This Bible Lesson-Sermon is the same as that read in Christian Science churches throughout the world. On Sunday, two readers read the lesson sermon. This service also includes three hymns and a solo as well as prelude and postlude organ music.

Wednesday Testimony Meeting: 7:30pm

On Wednesday, a reader chooses related selections from the Bible and Science and Health on a timely topic such as the economy. Afterwards, attendees share experiences and testimonies of healing based on the practice of Christian Science.

Sunday schoolCome and learn about God's love!

From the earliest age, students are taught the healing truths in the Scriptures. Fundamental to this are the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus’ Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount, and the Ten Commandments. Students are also taught the corresponding, practical spiritual messages in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, which includes the spiritual interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer and the Scientific Statement of Being.


Christian Science reading roomA Place for Prayer and Study 

Our Reading Room is a bookstore, a library, and a haven for peaceful study and quiet contemplation that is available to the public. For more than 100 years, our Reading Room has been an active member of the Nashua, NH community, helping people find spiritual solutions to all sorts of situations.

Here you’ll find a library full of resources, many of which can help you gain a deeper understanding of God and your relationship to him.

You can read, borrow, or purchase copies of the King James version of the Bible, Bible Commentaries, writings by Mary Baker Eddy, children’s books, and other Christian Science literature such as the weekly bible lesson, The Christian Science Sentinel, and The Christian Science Journal.


Our Pastor

Our Pastor is comprised of two books, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, authored by Mary Baker Eddy. Our Pastor is available around the clock to comfort, guide, and heal.

JSH Online

The Christian Science Journal, 
Sentinel, and Herald Online – Dedicated to humanity's spiritual progress.

Daily Lift

Get your spiritual lift for the day! The Daily Lift free weekday podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage via its website, weekly magazine, online daily.

Christian healingHow can I be healed?

Practitioners are men and women around the globe dedicating their lives to Christian healing. They provide spiritual help that results in healing of all types of difficulties—physical, emotional, personal, financial.

Find a Christian Science Practitioner