What is Christian Science Healing?

By Laurie Toupin One day before school, my son complained of an earache. As a parent, I only want the best for my child. In my opinion, God is the best physician around! And as I have proved this so many times in my own life, I turned to God now.  But for added support, I called a Christian Science … Read More

DPS–Divine Positioning System

road near sea

By Rosalie E. Dunbar I was working toward my Ph.D. in religious education from New York University and part of it involved doing research in Ireland. I parked along a dirt road on a very remote mountainside.  It had taken most of the day to get to the site, and I didn’t have a lot of daylight left to complete what I needed to do.  So I rushed out of … Read More

Testimony of Healing

snowy road between trees

By Laurie Toupin I was driving my children to go snowmobiling with my husband and the rest of the family for a long weekend.  As we were leaving, it started to snow. While snow is not unexpected in New England, the severity of this storm caught everyone by surprise.  Visibility was terrible and people were spinning out all around us. … Read More